Monday, September 5, 2011

Goode Through December

The theme for the 2011 football season for the Midland High Bulldogs is "Goode through December" in memory of former Bulldog football coach Don Goode.  The 2011 senior football class holds a special bond and place in their hearts for Coach Goode as this was the last group of players he coached before he passed away from cancer in 2009. The 2011 football team has dedicated the season to Coach Goode and his wife Beverly for their wonderful support and dedication to the Bulldog football family over the years. The hope is that the spirit and memory of Coach Goode and the fight and dedication he instilled in the players' lives will be an ongoing force in the hearts of the 2011 Bulldog football team.

Purple wristbands with the phrase  "2011 Bulldogs - Goode through December" have been made similar to Lance Armstrong's "Livestrong" popular band.  They are being worn by players, students, parents and fans following the Bulldogs this year.  December of course in reference to the time of year when the state championship game will be played. To win it all, you must play and win in December.  This past week I picked up a wristband for myself and joined in with the theme.  The thought being not only for support of  the team, but as a reminder to me that I too must be Goode through December.  I communicated this fact with Corbin and being the young man of many words that he is, his response was simply "sweet".  I told him it would serve as a reminder for him as well as me that it meant it would take hard work by both of  us to reach our goals.  Success doesn't come without sacrifice and I want him to understand that he has to be willing to work harder than the next guy.  I want him to buy in to the dedication and hard work that it takes and hopefully, along with his teammates they will be Goode through December. At the same time, I need to lead the way by setting an example.

Yesterday, after just a few day of wearing the wristband myself, it served its purpose.  Saturday I got in a 20 miler and was looking for the same on Sunday, back-to-back 20's for the weekend.  My running partner on Saturday, Kevin F., with whom I ran a number of my 20 milers with over the past two years in training for Boston, was only going 15 miles.  We met at one of our usual spots and got started at 6:00 a.m..  After a few loops around Midland neighborhoods, we eventually made our way back to our cars right at 15 miles. All the while, I felt like I had some pretty tired legs and was reasoning in my head that the 15 was enough.  I had also hit the weights pretty heavy Saturday afternoon and they felt dead.  I was contemplating calling it a day and being satisfied with a 20/15 instead.

During the run I thought about the prior year's North Face race and my goal of doing much better in 2011.  I thought about Beth and what she must feel like some days when Lupus has taken it's toll on her.  Was doing "enough" going to be good enough to be better?  No, not for me, not what I would expect from my son and not what I expected from myself.  As we approached the cars I told myself "get back out there and get it done, Goode through December, no excuses". A quick fist pump with Kevin, a "nice run, thanks", sip of Gatorade and I was headed back out to finish up my 20. Don't even think about quitting.

So another source of motivation has been found.  Not only in Coach Goode and the Bulldog football team, but in what I expect from my own son as he works throughout the season towards playing in December.  Not expecting anything less than 100% dedication and a "never give-up" attitude, I must expect the same from myself.  A little less than 40 more minutes out on the road and my back-to-back 20's were in the books.  I could get in my car and drive home feeling good about myself, Goode about myself.  While just 67 miles for the week, it put me at 104 miles for the last 6 days of running with 3 days off tossed in there due to recovery from last weekend's race.

With the September 15th tax deadline rapidly approaching, the midnight oil will certainly be burning this week, but so will my desire to deliver in December.  Goode through December!

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